Frequently asked questions

Profile Related FAQs

Yes, you can select multiple subjects in your profile. You should fill all the relevant subjects, and there respective levels, on which you are willing to offer your tutoring or assignment services. Once selected, you will be recieving student requests on the categories selected on your profile.

You have real-time access to your profile. Apart from the registered email ID, you could change other details about your profile in Real - Time. This includes: a) Adding or Removing subjects which are relevant for you. b) Editing your experience section. c) Your prefered payment identifier details (like Bank account details, Paypal account details, or any other relevant details related to payout) d) Your profile details, including your Photograph, About yourself, Teaching Methodology etc.

You can fill the relevant experience which might enrich your tutoring profile, and attract more students to your profile. There are primarily two types of experiences which are to be highlighted: Professional Experience: Prior Full time opportunities, internships, in the relevant field which you want to opt in for tutoring or assignment help. Teaching Experience: Online and offline teaching experiences from the past. Be as much descriptive and creative you can be in the details about these experiences, which enriches your profile.

Location - India For any indian bank account details, we can facilitate direct bank transfer. Hence, in case of an Indian tutor, we ask for the relevant bank account details and relevant tax identifcation documents, for processing the payout. Rest of the World The payment method used for processing the payout is Paypal. So we seek the information related to the user's paypal information for processing payouts. No tax deductions take place, hence we don't need any tax related documents for the tutors who are not the resident of India. Disclaimer: The payment method and mode may change, as per the company policies.

The email id is the unique identifier of a tutor in Wiingy. Once registered, you will not be able to change the registered email ID. In case you register from the different email ID in the portal, you will be considered as a new tutor, and the details of the past profile (Such as your student details, your payout information etc) might not be accesible through the new profile.

Although it is not advisable, but you could change your contact information in case you want to provide a different contact details for the official communication.

The profile information could be used for primarily three purposes: 1) To enhance our student-tutor matching algorithm - We might use your profile information, to draw insights and finding better fit requirements for you. The information about your past experiences, about you, and teaching methodology enhances our understanding of your profile, and help us add insights to our matchmaking algorithm, to suggest more relevant opportunities to you. 2) Sharing with Students: To present the information to the student, for keeping them informed about their tutor's background. 3) Attract More Students: The profile information might be used for purposes to attract more students, through different channels which might include our website, social media handles, other partners etc

Mobile App Related

Name - "Wiingy: For Tutors" For Android - Link For iOS - Link We keep on pushing new updates on the app time to time. In order to have the best experience, keep your up-to-date.

You should both register on the portal and app with the same email id, on which you recieved the offer email and onboarding details from Wiingy.

This section gives a sneak peak about some of the recently enrolled students with Wiingy's Tutors. It provides you on opportunity to identify other subjects which you might take up, and diversify your portfolio.

Go to Settings --> Notfications & Control centre --> App Notifications --> Wiingy Tutors and enable the notification button

Availaibility mentioned in the mobile app is in the timezone of the tutor, based on current geolocation of your phone.

Demo timings are mentioned as per Tutors timezone, based on their current geolocation.

Demo Related

Following steps need to be completed for reciving demo opportunities on the app? a) Tutors need to complete their Tutor profile on Wiingy Tutor Portal with the email id they have recieved the offer on. b) Tutors also need to accept the offer made by Wiingy, and accept the terms and conditions while creating their profile. Once the profile is created, Tutors will start receiving notifications whenever a student requests for a Tutor in the selected subjects.

Whenever, there is a new demo request from a potential student, Tutors receive a notifciation on the app. On clicking the notification, you will be moving to the demo card, where you can check the details about following details about the demo request: a) Demo Timings: The exact timing in your time zone for which the demo is scheduled. b) Student Details: The details about the student's requirements, learning objectives, and necessary attachments. If tutor is okay with both the things, they can acknowledge their interest by clicking on "Accept" button on the demo card. In case not, you can decline the request, by clicking on the "Decline" button.

You will recieve an allotment notification on your Tutor app, once a demo session is allocated to you.

No, accepting a demo is not equivalent of allocation of the demo to you. Since, the same request is shared with multiple tutors, the same demo request can have multiple acceptance from different tutors. In such a case, tie is broken on the basis of the tutor's performance metrics. The demo allocation criteria's includes: 1. Demo Conversion % 2. Unique Renewal % 3. Refund/Reassignments If the demos are allocated to you, you will be notified through the mobile app, regarding the same.

While accepting the demo session, you would have gone through the details about the student's requirement. You should prepare some study material and a mock session as per the demo topic or details mentioned. Wiingy also help you in preparing for your demo session, for which time to time we conduct demo preparation sessions with the tutors, helping with the feedbacks from the prior sessions, best practices and demo practicalities. Once a demo is allocated, you can propose a suitable time for the demo prep. Wiingy team will reach out to you at your preferred time for helping you for the preparation for the demo session.

1. Once a demo is allotted to you, your registered gmail ID will be added on the Google Calendar and you will receive a gmail notification for the same as well. 2. You will be added to the whatsapp group, specifically created to coordinate for the particular demo (usually whatsapp group name is "WD ") 3. You can wait on the meeting lobby, but not join till asked by Wiingy Advisor 4. Please join when Wiingy Advisor asks you to join, in the whatsapp.

Tutor and student get a chance to interact with each other for 40 - 45 minutes in the demo lesson Typically this is how a demo lesson format is like a. Introduction & Engagement : 5 -10 minutes b. Teaching : 30+ minutes c. Lesson plan & Closure : 5-10 minutes

1. You will recieve a notification on your email. 2. Whatsapp group name will be changed from WD to Wiingy 3. Student will be added into the Whatsapp group 4. Welcome message will be sent on the whatsapp group addressing the student 5. The student will be added to the My Students section, in the Wiingy Tutor Portal with the details about the enrollment.

Enrolled Class Scheduling Related

When a student enrols, Tutor recieves a Google Calendar Event with the following 3 participants 1. Student Email ID 2. Tutor Gmail ID 3. Classes@wiingy.com To understand how to schedule these sessions refer to the video here - here Tutor **must always schedule the sessions on the Google Calendar Event** and join on the same at the scheduled start time of the sessions.

This issue can be resolved by changing the setting. Here's a quick tutorial: Video Link

Following are the steps you should perform, in case the student didn't join on time: 1) Drop a text in a student group, tag the student using "@" and ask if they are joining the session or not. 2) Initiate a group call in the student's WhatsApp group. 3) If the student is still unresponsive, wait for 10 minutes and then drop off if they don't join. 4) Send a message to the student's group, informing them that you waited for 10 minutes but no one joined. Ask for the next class timings.

This issue might occur if you decline the event invitation in the calendar. In this case, your email needs to be re-added to the event. Please fill the query form for the further assistence. Here is the link to the query form: https://forms.gle/Mao5M79Xrb3ET6Cv6

Payout Related

Indian Tutors: Tutors receive the Payout on their bank account updated by them on their tutor profile. International Tutors: Tutors **receive the Payout on their Paypal account** updated by them on their **tutor profile.**

Payout cycle is monthly.

For a given calendar month , Tutor receive their payouts on or before 10th of the next month.

Tutors can see their earnings for any specific period in the "My Payout" section after logging into your Tutor Portal Profile. Link - Tutor Portal Link