Wiingy Tutor: Guidelines

1. Register on the Wiingy Tutor portal

  1. Register yourself on the Wiingy Tutor portal: https://tutors.wiingy.com/
  • Please make sure that you fill in all the subjects under the subjects section of the onboarding form very carefully. You will only be receiving the demo opportunities
  1. Download the Wiingy – For Tutors app from your Playstore/Appstore on your mobile.  Please make sure that you are allowing the app to send notifications to your phone. It is mandatory to receive relevant demo opportunities. 

Note: Use the same email ID that you have given in the registration portal to log in to the Wiingy App.

2. Accepting Demo from the Wiingy App

Once you log in to the app, It’s self-explanatory. Here are a few important details.

  1. Demo requests will be sent to you through notifications.
  2. You can get it in your “New demo” section. 
  3. You can “Accept” or “Decline” to take the demo session as per your availability.
  4. After Tutors “Accept” a Demo request, allotment of Demo happens to one of the tutors from the tutors who have accepted a particular demo. 
  5. Demo’s allotment is prioritized based on Tutor’s performance on 3 Criteria: 
    1. Enrolled Student renewal% 
    2. History of Demo Conversion %
    3. Regular Demo Acceptance%
  6. If you are allotted a demo, you will be notified on the app and that demo will move to your “Allotted demo” section. 
  7. You will be receiving mail regarding the demo session. ( Student name & demo session time)
  8. You will have to pick a demo preparation time from the slots given on your screen on the app.

3. Demo Prep 

  1. For the overall discussion regarding the demo & any doubts about the process of the demo session, you will be added to a WhatsApp group by the team.
  2. A prep session is conducted by the team to prepare you for the demo session, which increases your rate of having a demo converted. Here, the team will explain the roadmap of how your demo session needs to be curated and catered to the student. 
  3. For the first 3 demo sessions, you will be assisted by our demo preparation team, to ensure the best possible performance.
  4. After 3 demos, based on your performance, demo preparation sessions will be planned.

4. During Demo Session

  1. There are 3 people in a demo session – Tutor, Student, and Wiingy advisor. 
  2. Wiingy advisor is a person from the Wiingy team who joins to facilitate the demo session.
  3. They will help you in the demo session by providing live feedback to help you improvise the Demo conversion and also to discuss with the student to enroll with you.  
  4. You can find detailed information about the demo preparation framework here
  5. If a student enrolls, they will be added to the same demo group from where you can discuss and schedule your regular classes accordingly. 

5. Class Room Scheduling

  1. All sessions with the students must be scheduled on Google Meet. 
  2. Schedule and join those meetings using your registered gmail email IDs only. 

Benefits of Scheduling

  1. The student, Wiingy team, and Tutor all 3 stakeholders are notified about the session date and time to join the sessions. Convenient to join the session. One-click joins for all.
  2. Ambiguity regarding the time zone goes away. The student does not get confused about the session date & time.
  3. Your entire monthly payouts are calculated based on the sessions you have taken over the scheduled events hosted on classes@wiingy.com. So not having a schedule over classes@wiingy.com leads to payout discrepancy.
  4. Wiing team will help you in doing the Renewal of your students as the sessions are tracked and the Wiingy team joins the sessions in intervals to take student feedback and ask them for Renewals. If the schedule is not created then the Wiingy team will have no idea when the last sessions are going to be and, hence won’t be able to discuss them with the student regarding Renewals.
  1. If the student has any feedback to share with the tutor that they don’t feel comfortable with, the Wiingy team can pass that feedback to the tutor. 

Unknown Sender

  1. Add advisors@wiingy.com & classes@wiingy.com to your preferred email list so that it won’t go to your spam.
  1. Change this to “I know the sender” so that the Google calendar invites that get triggered from these email IDs will reflect on your calendar.
  2. You will receive New Demo requests from advisor@wiingy.com and regular class invites from classes@wiingy.com
  3. Screenshots on how to add this to preferred email list :

Scheduling process over Google calendar

  1. All the scheduling happens on classes@wiingy.com Only.
  2. All the sessions should be joined by the Tutor’s registered email only, else there will not be any payout for the sessions as sessions can not be tracked.
  3. All future scheduling should be created based on your discussion with the student by Rescheduling the original event, as the same meeting link gets attached.
  4. The date & time of the next session should be discussed and created before the end of the previous session so that there is no confusion with the student.
  5. The Scheduling is of 2 types.
    1. One time scheduling 
    2. Recurring scheduling (preferred as you do not need to create a schedule every time)

How to do the One-time scheduling

  1. Not preferred, as it will lead to making the one-time scheduling each time you meet the student. Recurring is always preferred.

    Steps :
    Search in your Google calendar “Wiingy Class (Student’s name)” to find the student, like here I will search Wiingy Class Raina and will check the event time to ensure it is the same student and not another student with the same name.
  1. Please follow the below screenshots on how to do On-time scheduling.

Timezone conversion as the calendar to be booked in IST

How to do the Recurring scheduling

  1. Always the preferred mode. As there will be a clear understanding between the tutor and the student on when to join and does not need regular changes. 
  2. Please follow the below 

 FAQs for session schedule

  1. I cannot edit the calendar event. What should I do?
    1. This issue can be resolved by changing a setting.
    2. Here’s a quick tutorial: https://youtu.be/RauETkYUdtc
  2. What should I do if a student doesn’t join the session?
    1. Drop a text in a student group, tag the student using “@” and ask if they are joining the session or not.
    2. Initiate a group call in the student’s WhatsApp group.
    3. If the student is still unresponsive, wait for 10 minutes and then drop off if they don’t join.
    4. Send a message to the student’s group, informing them that you waited for 10 minutes but no one joined. Ask for the next class timings.
  1. I cannot see the calendar event in my calendar. What could be the issue?
    1. This issue might occur if you decline the event invitation in the calendar.
    2. In this case, your email needs to be re-added to the event.
    3. Please contact the team in your personal WhatsApp group for assistance.
  2. Do I need to change the time zone in my calendar?
    1. No, we recommend keeping your timezone set to IST (Indian Standard Time) to avoid confusion.
    2. You can easily adjust it to match the timings of the next class.

Please Note: 

  1. Use the same Google mail ID for Registration on the portal & to Login on the App.
  2. If you need any help / facing any issues, use WhatsApp group WT <Tutor name> to drop a text.
  3. Session delivery will happen only on classes@wiingy.com over Google Meet only. Do not use personal meeting links to conduct sessions. It won’t be eligible for payout. 

6. Important Policies

Tutor No Show Policy(TNS):

Once a demo is allotted to a tutor and the tutor backs out last moment/ does not join the demo at the time it is scheduled: 

  • A penalty of USD 15 or equivalent to it in your currency is deducted from the Monthly Payout.
  • Tutor is not assigned any new demo for the next 30 Days.

7. Whatsapp group – Tutor

  1. Groups name –  WT – <Tutor Name><code>
  2. Use this group for your queries and help that you need from the Wiingy team.
    To have your queries captured and resolved within 48 hours, kindly fill out the tutor query form – https://forms.gle/HNiMugEoXqPieT1M8 
  3. Wiingy team will also reach out to you through this group for sharing feedback as well 
  4. Screenshot for the group

8. Session Quality

A great quality online session leads to a high renewal rate from the student leading to a higher payout and incentive to the tutor. The following are considered as a good quality session.

  1. Joining the session on time and not making the student wait for the session.
  2. No Show from the Tutor is a strict No. A penalty of USD 15 or equivalent or equivalent to it in your currency is applied for every No Show and Demo allocation is stopped.
  3. Always schedule for the next session. 
  4. Session cancellation by the Tutor should be avoided as it leads to student escalation, leading to a refund.
  5. Video should be On at every point of time during the Live session.
  6. Teach for 55-60 mins during the session, to avoid any escalations from the student regarding the session duration.
  7. Sessions should be very engaging and should involve lots of 2 way communication. 
  8. Take feedback about your teaching and if anything needs to be changed from the student & parent periodically so that you can adjust your teaching as per the student’s needs.

9. Monthly Payout

  1. The monthly payout is based on no of hours of session that you have taken over the Google Meet event organized by classes@wiingy.com using your registered email ID. 
  1. If there are any assignment hours it is to be logged into your portal at tutors.wiingy.com under the My Students section. 
  1. The payout is processed on the 10th of every month for the previous calendar month, over the communicated payment mode. 
  1. Please give your correct Paypal account details on the onboarding form for salary processing, under the bank details and documents segment of your onboarding portal.